What is The Ideal BMI for a Female?

Optimal BMI for Female
Optimal BMI for Female

In my blog I cover what is a perfect BMI and how to increase your Optimal BMI for Female. A healthy BMI can help you with all types of health problems such as depression, anxiety, heart disease and cancer. Your physical health also improves with optimal weight. But we must understand that there are some different factors which play into the way of how our bodies looks physically. The reason why women are more sensitive to their bodies weight than men. It can be caused by hormones which makes women crave food more when they feel low in BMI. We know that food habits are different between the two genders but we know that there are certain foods which are perceived as healthy to both sexes. You must read about it at least once to see difference between the two sexes.

Also one factor which is not considered in any BMI is the way you move your body from sitting to walking due to muscle mass. So let’s first look at BMI charts for men and women to gain more insight on this issue. These charts can give us a general idea how much weight each gender holds. Let’s take a brief look and get an understanding of the benefits which are associated with healthy (as what is the ideal BMI for a female) Body Mass Index.

Body Weight

Body Weight is measured using Body Mass Index (BMI). This number is calculated by dividing the weight by the square of the height in meters. If the weight of someone is 200 kg, then they would say his or her Body Mass Index is 24,000. To calculate the Body Mass Index of women, BMI= height in centimeter/ body weight in kilograms. Women who weigh less than 160 kg (35.34 lbs) have an overall BMI of 16,500. Ladies over 160 kg (45.5lb.) have an overall BMI around 18,500. Men with higher amount of abdominal fat have an overall BMI of 18500. Keep in mind that there are other factors that come into play here like age, hormonal levels and physical activity. But the important thing is that the BMI chart helps us get a better outlook on a human being health.

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Body Mass Index: Benefits For Healthy Life

Body Mass is essential for the human being. With normal body mass, we will also get plenty of energy and nutrients which will provide healthy living. Obesity (BMI>25) increases chances of getting diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and several cancers. Regular exercise increases the chances of losing weight. So these numbers are quite reassuring to think about health. But if you are looking for the best ways to lose weight, then it becomes important to check for excess or excessive weight. Excess weight does not only mean eating too many calories. Instead, it could also be an element of a person being unfit and therefore making them more susceptible to various illnesses.



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