BMI Calculation Womens Health | How to BMI Calculation Women’s Health

BMI Calculation Womens Health
BMI Calculation Womens Health

In this article we will discuss the ways to calculate your body mass index and how it can help you get better balanced and healthier.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number that helps us calculate our height and weight and compares how healthy we are by measuring those two things against one another. It shows what percentage of our overall height and weight is compared with what is considered average and healthy for our sex. The Body Mass Index is calculated as follows;

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Body Mass Index Calculation

BMI = Weight in Kg / Height in metres

Kg = 1,025 grams

m = 2.4 pounds

As stated above, using these specific numbers, we can understand how much weight each side weighs from our waistline, and then compare them to other people’s. From there on, we can take a deeper look at body composition and see how well we are getting our fitness results by going through some basic exercises and nutrition habits. We will begin by discussing important factors in body composition such as age, gender, and body type. After that, we will explore different exercises that can help improve your health, including cardio training, stretching, yoga, and more! Finally we will discuss why it is important to be aware of BMI and what it really means and how we can implement it into our daily routine.

Body Composition

The way that we think about body composition is primarily based off our weight and height. However, our bodies are made up of many different components and percentages of all of them are needed in order to create who we are. For example let’s say we have a 100/60 male which is 60% body fat, 10% water content, and 30% muscle and 10% bone. This amount of fat makes up 90% of our total body fat. Our height is also an element of our body composition; so the total percentage for height is 60%. Now, based on this percentage we understand the difference between a typical man and a woman. A woman on the same physical stature would typically weigh less than the man.

But, if we have our own data and know what portion of our height and weight is made up of muscle and bone and what percent of water content is in our bodies, we can look at each other and understand how they are similar. So, we can see that our combined percentage will be something like;

However, it is important to understand that this particular percentage is a generalization and not to consider that there is only one type of person or one personality. That being said, with a little further research, we can discover a lot of different types of body composition and how it can impact our health. Here are five ways that BMI calculation can help us better understand body composition and how we can incorporate it into our diet plan.



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